Friday, 26 April 2013

The Myths about Differently Abled Children

  Many often I have met people who believe that children with profound mental retardation are inherently happy all the time. Many still believe that those children are always laughing blissfully chasing butterflies. But to my utter dismay and disbelief, I found out that it is not the case. Studies have shown that these children are often severely depressed, many even requiring medical attention.

  But the society is negligent and I believe they do so because of the myths that surround these children. I have seen kids who sit in the darkness without any hint of happiness in their face. But we the society prefer to believe that the children are happy and doesn't require our attention. It is wishful thinking in its extreme form. We do not want to share their problems, we just hide our heads like Ostriches.

  Two to Three percentage of the total population in this world suffers from mental retardation. But most of them are having a very mild mental retardation. If found young and trained properly they might have a chance at life. Let us not forget our marginalized brothers and sisters who are in need of our compassion. Let us at least acknowledge the fact that there are such people, depressed, unwanted, scorned and ridiculed. 

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