Friday, 9 November 2012

Hunger ?

  Well today I am going to write about Hunger, The oldest of all the problems ever faced by human beings. Many of us are unfamiliar with hunger. I tell you it is not the pleasurable sensation you feel when you are on a diet to reduce a few kilograms of your flesh. Hunger is the feeling you will have after living on two meals a days for your entire life. Yes there are such people in India. Well some studies suggest that three meals a day is still a luxury for a third of our citizens. Let us hope they have exaggerated the results. Even if one third is too high an estimate, it is a sure fact millions are hungry in our country. Each day thousands of children are nearing the end because of malnutrition.

  What can we do to solve these problems? Obviously we can't depend on our government for that. They have been trying to do that for the past sixty five years. I am not going to criticize the government for their action or inaction. All I am interested is in solutions. I absolutely believe that as citizens of this great nation we can solve this problem even without the interventions of the ruling class. My favorite solution involves the upper class in our country.

  Let us assume for arguments sake there are 300 million people belonging to the upper class in India. That is the same number of people not having three meals a day. If every one in our society who can feed one extra person other than his family is ready to do it.Then the problem of hunger is solved overnight. All we have to do is feed a child otherwise on a journey to his grave at an accelerated rate. Yes all we need to spend is less than Rs.100 a day to care for a child who might be living a block away from you (May be in a slum or in the side walk). We must not forget that Rs.100 is what most of the middle class and upper class Indians spend a day to eat junk food, which in turn will add unwanted calories to our body. For these unwanted calories, we again have to spend time in Gymnasiums, if not in hospitals.

  So all we need to do is say yes to the children in need of our help.

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