Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Things to do when you see a child beggar

 When you see a child beggar in front of you (It is not an uncommon sight in many of our cities) please try to follow some of the suggestions I put forward (Only if you find them genuine and trustworthy)

1. Most of the children are forced to do what they are doing. Some even have to achieve targets stipulated by child traffickers. These children will not benefit from the money you give to them. So never ever give them any money. It might be a bit difficult to digest. But if they don't bring money back home, this practice will stop sooner or later. So the golden rule is never to give any money to the children.

2. If you feel sad about the situation, try to give the child something to eat. It is very easy to do, because you might be in a Bus Stand, or a Railway Station where there are plenty of snack bars, tea shops etc. Buy a glass of milk or Tea along with few chocolates or some snacks to eat and give it to the child. You will see the difference. If you were giving money to him, he will be hungry still and some one else who runs the whole racket like a business firm will benefit from your kindness.

 3. If you have time (You might be waiting for a Bus or Train) try to have a chat with the child. Be careful, If you are too inquisitive defenitely the child will run away.He has received special instructions from his master to avoid such queries (I used the word master because these children are treated like slaves). If you feel that the child is ill treated please contact some child help line number and report the abuse. These child help line numbers are toll free so you can call them free of cost. One such number is 1098 maintained by a foundation called ChildLine India Foundation.

                     Let Us Give Them a Future, Not Just a Few Coins

If you have any suggestions or corrections please post a comment.

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